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Hillside Avenue

April 30, 2018

As I was browsing my grandparents old photos, I came across this one.  It was probably taken sometime around 1946.

 In the foreground is Irish, the dog my grandparents had when my mother was born.  In the background is the intersection of Witch Hill Rd and Hillside Ave. You can see how undeveloped it was then. There were houses on Proctor St, but on Hillside Ave there were only a couple of other houses when my grandparents bought theirs. The house right next door at 24 Hillside Ave, and a couple near where Hillside joins Colby street. All the others were built after they moved there and most after my Mom was born in 1946.


Here is a view from Google looking the same direction today.  My grandparents house is the little white one at the bottom.


 What a difference!  It's a little sad really.  Even since I was a kid, it’s changed so much.  Here is an aerial shot from sometime around 1955.  You can see they've just started building on Witch Hill Rd, and almost nothing yet on Mansell Parkway.  Looney Ave is yet to be built.


According to plans submitted in 1937, there was also supposed to be a cross street on the other side of Hillside Ave, opposite Looney that was never built.

My grandparents owned 2 lots side-by-side abutting Gallows Hill Park.  Lots 24 & 25 on this map.



Here is what their house looked like when they bought it in 1935.


It was so much "in the country" that they actually had a Chicken Farm here!  At the time, my Grandfather sold eggs to make ends meet!   Ultimately, he switched to raising (and racing) Pigeons here....but that's a story for another day..... 


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